Product Overview

Custom Engineered Motors & Mechanical Parts

The manufacturers you choose for your mechanical components can make or break your enterprise. Sinotech helps innovators navigate the challenges of offshore production by delivering high-quality, custom-engineered electric motors and mechanical parts for a wide range of industries. From BLDC motors to investment casting, we ensure every part or assembly is made to your exact specifications.

We partner with mid- to large-sized companies to help bring their original designs to life. Our engineers and manufacturing experts manage the entire production cycle onsite in the Pacific Rim, from hand-selecting just the right factory for your BLDC motors, stepper motors and more, to personally supervising tooling and production. With more than 20 years of experience in international manufacturing, we know how to avoid the potential pitfalls of Pacific Rim sourcing — you can breathe easy knowing our savvy team has quality control in hand.

Take a look at just some of the products we can help customize for your company:



Why choose Sinotech as your offshoring partner?

Minimize your costs. Whether you’re creating a new product or streamlining an existing one, we can help you save money. We thoroughly review each project to develop a strategy for achieving the best quality at the lowest possible price, while also reducing your risks and preventing expensive downstream mistakes.

Protect your investment. Our holistic approach to manufacturing means you can get all of your custom parts from a single vendor – us. We carefully vet every factory, conduct random audits during production and work around the clock to correct any issues that may arise.

Bridge the gap. With Sinotech on your team, distance is never a problem and language is never a barrier. Our bilingual staff works onsite in the Pacific Rim to negotiate with factory sales managers and supervise production on your behalf – all while operating on U.S. time and under U.S. law.

Find out how our services stack up against other offshoring options, or request a quote for your project.

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