Brushless DC Motors Overview

Brushless DC Motors

The brushless DC motor (BLDC Motor) is a synchronous electric motor powered by a DC electric source. Conventional BLDC motors come in a variety of configurations. The most widely used look much like brush-type motors. But brushless DC motors have a wound stator that surrounds a permanent-magnet rotor, an inverse arrangement from that for brush motors. Stator windings are commutated electronically rather than through a conventional commutator and brushes.

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Brushless DC Motor Benefits

The growth in use of the brushless DC motor can be seen in many industries, from aerospace to home entertainment. Because they have no commutators, BLDC motors are more efficient, need less maintenance, and can operate at higher speeds than conventional DC motors.

Below are just a few of the benefits of brushless DC motors:

  • Durable and long lasting
  • Highly efficient with less wasted heat
  • Lightweight and compact
  • More reliable and simpler to maintain
  • Silent and spark-free
  • Perfect for use in smaller devices
  • Less expensive to manufacture
  • Higher torque-to-size ratio

Industries Using Brushless DC Motors

The efficiency and small size of the brushless DC motor is of paramount importance to many industries, from aeronautic and automotive to the medical and military. Outlined below are just a few industries that rely on brushless DC motor manufacturers:

Electric Vehicles

The desire for alternative-fueled vehicles has breathed new life into the design and availability of electric vehicles and the high-tech motors that power them. The brushless DC motor is commonly used in electric vehicles of all types due to its low maintenance, high efficiency and operating speeds, lack of sparking, compact size and quick response.

HVAC Systems

When it comes to the HVAC and refrigeration industries, brushless DC motors have been the trend versus the typically used AC motor. The top cited reason for the switch is the reduction in power required to operate the motor. In addition, to increase overall system efficiency, many fans are now run using a brushless motor.

Manufacturing & Industrial Engineeringbrushless-dc-motors

Manufacturers are using BLDC motors for positioning, actuations systems and more. Considered ideal for many manufacturing applications, brushless DC motors are commonly used in industrial automation design. Manufacturing companies and engineers alike cite the motor’s power density, good speed-torque characteristics, speed ranges and ease of maintenance as just a few of the benefits.

Motion Control Systems

When it comes to motion-control applications, BLDC motor systems are usually preferred, when their benefits outweigh their potentially higher cost. When it comes to the bottom line, they cost less than brush types in some applications when energy, maintenance, and downtime costs are included in the comparison between the two approaches.

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