Slotless High Speed BLDC Motor Overview

Slotless Brushless DC Motor Applications

Here are a few of the applications that benefit from the advantages of Sinotech’s slotless brushless DC motors:


  • Powered surgical headpieces
  • Angioplasty
  • Surgical robot systems
  • Prosthetic limb drive systems
  • High speed medical drills
  • Cardiac pumps

Factory Automation

  • High speed semiconductor drills
  • High speed pick and place electronic assembly system
  • Semiconductor device assembly and test systems
  • High speed miniature spindles
  • high speed medical drills

Advantages of Slotless Brushless DC Motors

Sinotech’s slotless brushless DC motors have numerous attributes that make them ideal choice for many applications:

  • Zero-cogging torque for smooth operation and minimal vibration
  • High speed capability of up to 100,000 RPM
  • Excellent power-to-weight ratio enabling the design of compact, light-weight hand tools
  • Protected winding for applications requiring autoclavae usage
  • Hall sensors with pull-up resistors and bypass capacitors for electrical noise suppression
  • High energy neodymium magnets maximized output torque
  • Low loss lamination material for increased performance
  • High quality ball bearings for increased life, smooth high speed operation and low noise
  • 200ÂșC insulation for higher reliability

Slotless Brushless DC Motor Technology

The winding of a slotless brushless DC motor is not wound around stator slots as in a traditional brushless motor. Instead, the stator is a cylindrical shaped woven structure placed within the motor’s air gap between the cylindrical lamination stack and the rotor assembly. The slotless design eliminates cogging, yielding a motor with very smooth rotation, and reduced vibration and audible noise.





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Sinotech Slotless BLDC Motors are engineered in the U.S. and manufactured in China, Taiwan and Korea.

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