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BLDC Motors Suited for Manufacturing Applications

BLDC motor suppliers take advantage of the fact that BLDC motors use electronic commutation instead of brushes for commutation, making them ideally suited for manufacturing applications. Continue reading

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Automotive Die Stampings: Understanding Presses & Operations

Learn more about automotive die stampings by understanding presses and operations from the experts at Sinotech. Continue reading

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Top 5 Benefits of Using AC Motors with Adjustable Speed Drives

Adjustable speed drives in AC motors are popular in applications that power mechanical equipment because they offer better control. Learn more! Continue reading

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BLDC Motors: Flying High in the Aerospace Industry [Infographic]

Brushless DC motors offer accuracy and vital characteristics needed in the aerospace industry, such as the ability to withstand extreme temperatures and high shock loads. Continue reading

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The Gear Motor Revolution Responds to New Demands

With new standards and demands continually developing across industries, the technologies behind AC gear motors are keeping up to help them increase productivity and save money. Continue reading

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How Investment Casting Works

In the early days of investment castings, metalworkers used beeswax to create patterns for the molds. Today, a modern investment casting manufacturer uses engineered wax. Continue reading

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Custom Motor Manufacturers Discuss Facility Efficiency

Custom motor manufacturers discuss how motors contribute to energy costs as much as they do productivity, efficiency and quality, so it’s vital for facilities to ensure the correct power measurements. Continue reading

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Travel Transformed: 3D-Printed Cars, Electric Vehicles & BLDC Motors

Automobiles have undergone drastic technological changes, from the incorporation of electric ignition systems to the use of BLDC motors in various applications. Read on to learn more! Continue reading

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Custom Motor Design & Motor Consultancy by Sinotech

At Sinotech, our custom motor design starts with project preparation and ends with shipping and logistics support. Bring us your idea and we’ll help you get your application off the ground. Continue reading

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Sensored & Sensorless BLDC Motors Mean Longer Life & Lower Maintenance

BLDC motors, or brushless DC motors, have similar speed performance and torque as brushed motors. Among BLDC motors are those with and without sensors. Continue reading

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