Custom Motor Manufacturers Discuss Facility Efficiency

Custom Motor Manufacturers Automatic Machining of Motor ShaftsWhen designing any type of plant or facility, regardless of the industry, energy is one of the top concerns in regards to cost and environmental impacts. Motors contribute to energy costs as much as they do productivity, efficiency and quality, so it’s vital for facilities to ensure the correct power measurements when using custom motor manufacturers. Continue reading

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Travel Transformed: 3D-Printed Cars, Electric Vehicles & BLDC Motors

BLDC Motors A charging station at ODOT Fleet reenergizes the Leaf.Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot created the first automobile, the Cugnot Steam Trolley, in 1769. It took over 100 years for Karl Benz to create the gas-powered Benz Patent-Motorwagen. Over the next century, automobiles underwent drastic technological changes, from the incorporation of electric ignition systems to the use of BLDC motors in various applications. Some of today’s cars run on alternative energy sources and the global community even recently assisted with the first 3D-printed vehicle. Continue reading

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Custom Motor Design & Motor Consultancy by Sinotech

Custom motor Manufacturing On-site Audit - Testing of Motor ComponentsSome custom motor manufacturers require you to have completed schematics before they provide you with service. At Sinotech, our custom motor design starts with project preparation and ends with shipping and logistics support. Bring us your idea and we’ll help you get your application off the ground. Continue reading

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Sensored & Sensorless BLDC Motors Mean Longer Life & Lower Maintenance

BLDC Motors ConsttructionBLDC motors, or brushless DC motors, have similar speed performance and torque as brushed motors. Their increasing popularity keeps BLDC motor suppliers busy because of the various benefits that they offer over their brush-type counter parts. Among brushless DC motors are those with and without sensors. Continue reading

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Automotive Stamping is Hot, Produces Safety-Critical Structural Parts

Automotive Stamping The All-New Range Rover | Manufacturing ShotsHot stamping began in the 1990s and soon grew in popularity in the automotive industry. The process of hot automotive die stamping involves heating metal to temperatures of 900° C or more, forming it and then quenching it, a process that cools the metal quickly. This technique transforms metal with a low tensile strength into a high-strength material. Continue reading

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AC Gear Motors: Basic Operating Principles

AC Gear Motors Makita RP0900X Plunge Router: In Action!AC gear motors are designed to have a lot of force, or torque, while operating at low speeds. They have an output of 1,200 to 3,600 revolutions per minute, or RPMs, and use the power of a magnetic field. Examples of items that use gear motors include cranes, power tools, garage doors openers and small appliances, such as electric can openers. Continue reading

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Sand Casting vs. Investment Casting: Manufacturers Offer Pointers

investment castings Engine PartsNot all casting is the same. As one of the oldest manufacturing techniques, the casting process involves pouring liquefied material—like metal or plastic—into a mold. The material hardens in the mold and the finished piece undergoes different treatments. Because each type of casting process has its own benefits, customers often ask investment casting manufacturers about the difference between sand casting and investment casting, also known as the lost wax process. Knowing the difference between the two can help you choose the best technique for your application. Continue reading

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The Automotive Die Stamping Process

Automotive Die Stamping The All-New Range Rover | Manufacturing ShotsAutomotive die stamping is a metalworking process in which a machine punches, coins, bends and manipulates metal in an automatic feeding system. Automotive die stampings help streamline the manufacturing process and ensure precision and quality. Parts that use an automotive die include fenders and hoods. By knowing how the process works, you can better determine if die stamping is right for your application. Continue reading

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BLDC Motor Manufacturers Discuss Ensuring Motor Quality

BLDC Motor Manufacturers The RacingBoat Manufacture:engineWhen something goes awry during the manufacturing process, it can hurt your bottom line and affect your company’s reputation. Brushless DC motor manufacturers agree that the best ways to ensure a high-quality motor is to contract the right factories and audit the manufacturing process. Hands-on involvement with the BLDC motor manufacturers you choose is not just cost-effective, but it can help prevent delays
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BLDC Motors: Costs Competitive with High-Grade Brush Motors [Infographic]

Our latest infographic examines how BLDC motors should be compared with high-grade DC brush motors and not less expensive commodity brush-type motors with shorter lives. When you consider the direct costs of a motor in addition to the savings in other parts of a system, BLDC motors can definitely compete with the costs of high-grade brush motors.  For little or no price premium, motor life increases, efficiency improves, the motor runs cooler, and gearboxes and encoders may be eliminated.

Continue reading

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