Brushless DC Motor Technology & the HVAC Industry

BLDC Motor AC UnitsElectric motors account for up to 50 percent of the energy used in U.S. commercial buildings, 60 percent of the energy used in U.S. industrial buildings and about 45 percent of the total global energy consumption. To help curb energy use, more industries are integrating brushless DC motors into their systems, particularly those in the HVAC industry. Continue reading

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Automotive Die Stamping & 3D Visualization

My new carIn the automotive industry, design is everything. The wrong design can result in weak spots, uneven lines and other blemishes in regards to automotive die stamping. Ultimately, these weaknesses can compromise the safety and aesthetics of a finished product. One of the technological advances that has helped manufacturers and designers save time and cut down on the costs of die stamping is 3D visualization using CAD and CAM software. Continue reading

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5 Outsourcing Tips from Custom Motor Manufacturers

Custom Motor Manufacturers OutsourcingOutsourcing is a great way to reduce a company’s overhead costs as well as increase productivity. Whether you seek custom motor manufacturers or specialty parts abroad, it’s important to know how to set your business up for success.

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BLDC Motors Contribute to Advances in HVAC Industry

This Infographic examines the energy efficiency of BLDC motors and how their efficiency affects the HVAC industry. The use of brushless DC motors in the HVAC industry is a more recent development that’s gaining in popularity. In the HVAC industry, motors and reliability are the keys to energy efficiency.

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DC & AC Gear Motors: Terminology Overview

60W-120W 90mm DC Gearmotors

60W-120W 90mm DC Gearmotors

Gear motors—like AC and DC gear motors—have two main components in their integral assembly: a speed reducer and motor. The speed reducer is the part that contains the gears. The motor is AC or DC powered. Gear motors are available in a variety of styles and sizes, and knowing related terms can help you determine the type that’s best for your needs. Continue reading

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Synchronous Motor Operation & Speed Determinants

Synchronous Motor

Synchronous Motor

A synchronous motor is an AC motor whose shaft rotation is in sync with the supply current’s frequency as the motor runs at a steady state. Consequently, the integral number of AC cycles is the same as the rotation period. Continue reading

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Permanent-Magnet Stepper Motors: Disc Motor Benefits

Stepper Motor Series 86BYG

Stepper Motor Series 86BYG

Disc motors are permanent-magnet stepper motors that act in a similar fashion as hybrid motors. Unlike hybrid and traditional permanent magnet motors, disk motors have thin rotors. Stepper motor manufacturers have created disc motors for over two decades, but improvements to magnet-related technologies have expanded their applications. Continue reading

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Understanding Brushless DC Motor Efficiencies

70-110 watt 88mm Brushless DC Motors

70-110 watt 88mm
Brushless DC Motors

Brushless motors are a hot commodity in the automotive industry, as well as for robotic and medical applications. By knowing the differences that BLDC motors and brush DC motors offer, you can make an educated decision about the best type for your application. Continue reading

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AC & DC Gear Motor Efficiency Considerations

Various Gear Motors

Various Gear Motors

Even though it’s critically important, one of the most misunderstood aspects of gear motors is energy efficiency. While performance is an essential consideration when it comes to AC gear motors and DC gear motors, it’s just as important to look at the efficiency of a motor’s design. Continue reading

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Stepper Motors vs. BLDC Motors: Differences & Uses

When you need a motor for an application, you may not know if a brushless DC motor or stepper motor is best. In principle, both types are permanent-magnet synchronous motors. The difference is in their specific characteristics and mode of operation. Continue reading

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