Investment Casting Manufacturers Talk Production Advantages

Investment Casting ManufacturersInvestment casting is a proven metal-forming technique that ancient civilizations developed. Today, investment casting manufacturers make molds to produce items like jewelry, vehicle and aircraft parts, medical equipment and turbine blades. Thanks to technologies like 3D printers, it’s possible to do investment casting for large and complex objects. Continue reading

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Motor Maintenance: Caring for Commutators and Brushes

Commutators and BrushesTo prevent costly motor problems and unnecessary downtime, don’t overlook the commutators and brushes when performing motor maintenance. Use the following tips to help ensure the longevity of these essential parts. Continue reading

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Automotive Die Stamping Driven by Advanced High-Strength Steels (AHSS)

201107120-RD-LSC-0067 die stampingThe use of advanced high-strength steels (AHSS) in the automotive industry is on the rise, affecting how manufacturers use automotive die stampings to create Class A panels and structural parts. The new generation of AHSS calls for new die architecture, which means the industry can expect higher design- and construction-related costs. Continue reading

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Understanding Motor Components: Commutators and Brushes

commutators and brushes Daimler SP250 Engine (1963)Commutators and brushes are integral parts of motors. In a motor, the commutator is the part of the rotary electrical switch that moves. The other part of the rotary switch is a set of two or more brushes. The brushes conduct electrical currents between a rotating shaft and stationary wires. By understanding the role of commutators and brushes in motor design, you can make a more informed decision about the motor you choose for your application. Continue reading

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7 Tips for Working with DC & AC Gear Motors

gear motor In Stahl gegossener Geist VAC and DC gear motors help make applications versatile because they couple the driving shaft to the driven shaft, eliminating the need for chains, separate speed reducers or belts. To help ensure that your DC or AC gear motors perform to the best of their abilities, keep the following in mind: Continue reading

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BLDC Motors: Applications for Small Appliances

Dvd-fest bldc motorsWelcome to the brushless motor age. While the technology behind BLDC motors isn’t new, it’s gained popularity because of the applications it has helped advance and its use in popular small appliances. No longer used for just manufacturing and industrial applications, BLDC motor suppliers cater to designers, engineers and consumers who demand performance, quality and portability. Continue reading

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Motor Laminations: Nickel & Cobalt Alloys

The core material used in a motor lamination is one of the most important aspects of its design. In addition to influencing a motor’s cost, the material used also affects its weight, size, output, core losses, permeability and saturation flux design. While there is no single go-to material when it comes to motor laminations, each type offers benefits and drawbacks. A couple of popular materials used include nickel and cobalt alloys. Continue reading

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Tips for Selecting Your DC or AC Gear Motor

140 Watt 100mm AC Gearmotors

140 Watt 100mm AC Gear Motors

When you design a new application, the type of gear motor that you use can maximize its efficiency and potential. By selecting an AC or DC gear motor based on the application’s requirements, you can ensure it is the perfect one for the job. Continue reading

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New Generation BLDC Motors Replace Servomotors in Some Applications

1 - 3 watt 35mm Brushless DC Motors

1 – 3 watt 35mm Brushless DC Motors

Introduced by manufacturers in the last few years, a new generation of small BLDC motors is bringing performance benefits that once only expensive servomotors offered. The efficiencies that brushless DC motors offer result in cost savings. Continue reading

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Cost Saving BLDC Motors Compete with High-Grade Brush Motors

External rotor BLDC motor with embedded controller

External Rotor BLDC Motor with Embedded Controller by Sinotech

When seeking motors for an application, some people opt for brush-type motors over brushless DC motors because of the assumed cost savings. While embedded controller BLDC motors are initially more expensive than high-quality brush motors, they end up being more cost efficient when one considers the direct and indirect savings. Continue reading

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